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I’ve been collecting these images from Galliano’s perfect, gaudy, vaguely-Russia-inspired F/W 2009 tidbits for a few months now, mostly for art and styling reference, but also because they make me happy.

One of my favourite looks



This Is How Much The Female Portrait Has Evolved In The Last 500 Years

Art history books have a reputation of showcasing dead, white, European males — DWEM — and the (mostly white) women they handpicked as muses. Portrait after portrait reveals a woman’s face through a man’s gaze, casting a rather unsavory light on the tendency of artists to eroticize, objectify or idolize the female form.

See the full video for a striking look at the female portrait.

(Souce:  artFido)

Sounds great but all these links take me to a video entitled “Guy Smothered By Bunnies”…